Friday, 2 May, 2008

destination's where u are

When you leave a person, when you leave a place…

i’m in love with this damn neighbourhood
and I have to leave
yet again

I didn’t much ever care for the house…it was just a house, just a place where my bed was parked, I’ve forgotten to care for houses now…it’s an inconvenient affection to grow…
it's an affection that'll make you grow roots
in the walls and the ceiling,
grow roots in the garden strip
along with the balsam plantlings
…grow roots in verandah, the stairs, the terrace till you finally grow roots in the sky above you
Those roots in that home
You can cut loose, but never be freed

But I fell in love with this neighbourhood
Quaint, quaint, quaint, the joy in the quaint little ways of neighbourhoods…they carry the hint of all that was and all that just couldn’t have been now
Closely packed…everything is so closely packed, there’s no place in here for strangers….you just have to feel close
the balcony right across mine…I’d know all the secrets of the family inside the balcony…if only I knew the mind-fkng-boggling urdu-hindi-kannada mix they spoke and how fast they spoke, I’m slow when it rains!
….and it rained such lovely summer rains…rain from under a street light is like looking up at showers from a thin, long sun that’s shining only for you…the rest of the world is dark outside you and your rainy sun.

But I still feel I knew what that-balcony people were all about, we were so close apart

The little temples, that ave mary brigade that did its rounds every weekend,
the BMP radio ga-ga garbage cleaners….of all the damning wake-up calls to have, it just had to be one which told me everyday that it’s time to clean up my act!
Bhawna n I loathed the vanilla flavoured tea we had to put ourselves through every morning…I missed it the minute they shut shop. I prefer any horrid version of any tea or coffee to anything I have to make for myself first thing in the morning...comforting to know that ofcourse even bought-affection feels better than no-affection.
Especially when it’s 3bucks worth! J

I decided to walk a new route home and got lost, a couple days back….i ran into a huge house called Facile! Whose mistress is called Cinderella Ramasamy! In God’s name….!

It’s the streets, the streets….it’s the streets again that have cast a magic spell on me
They never let me feel lost
With my feet in the hands of the streets…
there’s always some place to go to.